ABout us

Tex Group Limited was Established in 1992.

Over 20 Years Experiences on Manufacturing Submersible Pumps and Civil Engineering, Mines, Coal Ore, Quarry, Slurry, Sewage Treatment Plants, General Pumping Purpose and Sand Pumping.

We also have 20 Years Dredging Work Projects with Authorized in Governmental Organizations.

Not only the Manufacturing Experiences but also the Real Professional Engineering Technique in Submersible Pumps is our Tex Pumps Groundworks.


Develop more and more oversea business, and provide professional dredging Service with professional equipments, technicians and divers.


Start to sell our pumps internationally.

Our pumps and dredging equipment are used in :

- Indonesia for Mud Volcano Dredging.

- Indonesia and South Africa for Mining.

- Malaysia, Nigeria, Tahiti and Philippine North for Seashore Dredging.

- India, Miami, Africa Gabon, UAE, Poland and Thailand for Dredging.

- Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany and Italy for Construction.


Participate Government Dredging projects

- Tseng-Wen Reservoir.

- Bai-He Reservoir.

- Wuang-Da Reservoir.

- Si-Kou Power Plant.

- Qing-Shan Power Plant .


Start to manufacture Dredging Pumps & Hydraulic Dredging Pumps.


Participate the Dewater Projects of Build Construction and Bridge Foundations.


Participate Taiwan government public dewater projects.

- Taiwan High Speed Rail.

- National Freeway No.3.

- East-West Expressway.


Start to manufacture Construction Submersible Pump.